Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tattoo Lettering Ideas

Tattoo Lettering IdeasThere are two ways how tattoo letterings can be worn; one is plainly without any picture tattoo and the other is with a picture that is related to the letterings. A majority of people use tattoo letterings to accompany the picture and tell more about it. However, there are some individuals who want to keep it simple, by just wearing a tattoo of a word or a phrase. Tattoo letterings can be done in a variety of languages; such as Spanish, Russian, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and many others. While wearing tattoo letterings of different languages, make sure to make it in the appropriate style. For example, Chinese letterings written in a Hindi style would look somewhat funny.
Tattoo Lettering Designs and StylesTattoo Lettering Designs and Styles

Tattoo lettering designs have been a part of the tattoo culture for a very long time, however, they have become a rage in the recent years. Initially lettering tattoos were used to embellish and enhance a tattoo design. The most common example of it is an anchor tattoo, where words like "home sweet home", "mom", etc, were used with it. Sailors also used to get heart tattoos and embellish them with words such as "mom" or the name of the their loved one tattooed along with it. However, now lettering tattoos are not an extra add on piece of design, they have themselves become a tattoo design in themselves.

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